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"Black, Sivalls & Bryson (BS&B) began in 1892 building the first redwood storage tanks for the early Pennsylvania Oil fields. BS&B's capabilities rapidly expanded into the engineering and construction of metal tanks, separators and other leading oil and gas processing equipment."

"In the 1930's BS&B initiated an International Expansion and began marketing and manufacturing products worldwide. With the international expansion, BS&B became the world leader in the design of oil and gas equipment and processing systems.

BS&B has provided and still provides today worldwide proven oil and gas process technology for central production and gathering facilities for both on-shore and off-shore installations. The majority of major oil and gas fields in the world have BS&B’s proven technology and over 175 offshore platforms are equipped with BS&B’s process systems."

"In 1927 BS&B began marketing its technologies and equipment into Western Canada. In 1939 BS&B opened their 1st plant in Canada at Hartnell later moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and eventually to Nisku, Alberta, Canada where it resides today.The Nisku plant is one of BS&B's facilities that provides systems engineering and fabrication expertise for oil and gas processing. It also is a worldwide parts hub supporting BS&B's equipment and systems."

"To better serve customers, in 2006 BS&B Canada introduced a web based division called, Oilfield Parts Xpress."



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