BS&B Pneumatic Injection Pump


BS&B is the original designer and manufacturer of the Pneumatic Injection Pump. BS&B pumps are reciprocating piston pumps activated in both directions by a pressurized piston. The motivating power is gas and air. Please go to “Quotation Request Form” or contact us for our BS&B technical personnel in selecting the most effective pump

Pneumatic Injection Pumps

  • Often copied, but never matched in terms of reliability and quality
  • BS&B’s injection pump’s long-standing field proven performance record is considered the industry’s standard
  • Designed to exhaust gas into fuel gas system
  • Fluid capacities 1-280 gallons per hour
  • Single-ended or double-ended
  • The BS&B Pneumatic Injection Pump can be tailored to pump numerous types of liquid
  • BS&B carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts for our BS&B injection pumps, as well as parts for many other popular brands.
  • BS&B service technicians available to do field optimization consulting on your

Power Gas Optimization Kits

  • Enviro-friendly pump
  • 40% to 60% savings in power gas consumption
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Retrofit kit can be field installed without pump removal from service
  • Savings in gas consumed will typically pay back for the cost of the retrofit kit in 3 to 6 months
  • Retrofit kit is used for all types of liquid injection.
  • Applies to single or double-ended pumps
  • Pressure output at the liquid end ranging from 100psi to 4500psi
  • BS&B service technicians available to do field optimization consulting on your existing applications

BS&B will also supply genuine parts for all model pumps

The Model of pumps are as follows:

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