Anodes are used to provide cathodic protection for various types of equipment. BS&B Oilfield Parts Xpress can supply immediately galvanic Anodes, also called sacrificial Anodes. Anodes are made from materials such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium. These Anode metals corrode at a greater rate than the equipment they are designed to protect.

Some of the applications that anodes can be used for are:

  • Anodes for Heaters
  • Anodes for Treaters
  • Anodes for Heater Treaters
  • Anodes for Tanks
  • Anodes for Separators
  • Anodes for Process Equipment
  • Anodes for Dehydration Equipment
  • Anodes for Oilfield Equipment

BS&B Part # Size Material Threads Weight
31-03-22-AL 3" Diameter X  22" Aluminium 5/8"-UNF 18.7 lbs
31-03-22-ZC 3" Diameter X  22" Zinc 5/8"-UNF 36.4 lbs
31-03-22-MG 3" Diameter X  22" Magnesium 5/8"-UNF 13.0 lbs




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