Pall Rings


Anéis Tipo “Pall Rings”

Pall Rings are characterized random packing used in various mass transfer extraction applications.  Pall Rings provide higher capacities and lower pressure drops than trays thus enabling higher gas and liquid transfer rates.  Pall Rings are typically used for liquid extraction processes.

BS&B Oilfield Parts Xpress can supply immediately 304 SS Pall Rings.  Other Pall Ring materials are available upon request. 

Pall Rings for Dehydrators
Pall Rings for Absorbers
Pall Rings for Distillation
Pall Rings for Scrubbers
Pall Rings for Liquid Extractors
Pall Rings for De-Gassing
Pall Rings for De-Aeration
Pall Rings for Tower Packing

Part #
1 in
304 SS
25 x25 x 0.4mm
50.0 lbs


  • Price per Ft3
  • Custom sizes and material are available upon request



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